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You may be wondering why I have decided to undertake this awesome project. It’s actually taken me a couple of years to decide that I really wanted to put in the amount of effort that is required to complete National Board Teacher Certification.

A few years ago, I went back to school in order to get a Reading Endorsement. I did it before the state/county created a streamlined process for teachers to obtain the endorsement (which is now required for all reading and language arts teachers). I decided to jump the gun, so instead of taking the free online classes they now have, I went back to school. Three of the five classes I had to take, I had to pay for, and they were graduate level classes that I had to actually go and sit in a classroom for a few hours each week. I was exhausted, but I was also intellectually challenged. I had been in a classroom with Middle Schoolers for so long that that I had forgotten what it was like to think at that higher, graduate school level – and I realized that I missed it! I was actually enjoying writing papers!

After that experience, I realized that every few years I need to recharge my brain with deeper, higher order thinking. It’s kind of like after I fill my brain up, the information slowly leaks out and I need to refill.

So that brings me to my decision to tackle the National Teacher Certification process. A couple of teachers at my school have done it and they survived. One in particular keeps telling me that I should do it. I never disagreed with her, but it took me a couple of years to wrap my head around the idea and be in a place where I was ready to commit to the time necessary to complete it, and do it well. That time has arrived. I guess my brain level has hit the point where it can’t go any lower and it needs to be refilled.

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